NEI DAN 21st - SHEN DAN 22nd - NEI GONG 23rd


Serge Augier “Urban Daoist”, is the heir to the Taoist Tradition of “Ba Men Da Xuan.” 


This tradition has a very precise lineage, which can be traced back to 510 AD in Kunlun. It is a universal teaching, which is not limited by culture: it is the study of the human being and its qualities. This tradition benefits everyone and is still relevant today. 

Serge Augier will teach three seminars in London covering Nei Dan (Inner Alchemy), Shen Dan (Spiritual Transformation) and Nei Gong (Internal practice).

NEI DAN 21st May (5pm - 7pm) £30 early bird price

Nei Dan is the Way to Develop and Refine Vitality, in order to nourish body and mind.

SHEN DAN 22nd May (5pm - 7pm) £30 early bird price

Shen Dan is the Way of Spiritual Transformation. Shen Dan leads to crystallising of the Concepts of the Spiritual Teachings into practices, which will allow to open the Spiritual Centre and to connect to the Infinite.

NEI GONG 23rd May (10am - 5pm) £90 early bird price

Nei Gong is the foundation of the crossroad between body training and Qi development.

​"The first and most important aspect of this training is to understand the concrete, "down to earth" mechanisms of energy work, giving space to direct experience and common sense and leaving aside the imagination and fantasies.

Whomever dreams, visualizes energy and imagines sensations is not actually practicing. Like any system which is grounded in reality, the understanding and use of Internal Force is practical and effective, experienced and usable."


Early bird tickets available at a discounted rate until 15th April

Combined 3 Day early bird ticket is: £150

After 15th of April £180

Combined 2 Day early bird ticket is: £120 

After 15th of April £160