Ba Men Da Xuan

We teach Serge Augier's "Ba Men Da Xuan" tradition


Taoist Meditation (shen gong),

Nei Dan (internal alchemy)

Health Exercises (waigong and neigong) 


and the Fighting Arts of:


Xingyi Chuan

Bagua Zhang

Tai Chi Chuan

Ziranmen (Natural Boxing)


Serge Augier is the heir of the Taoist tradition of "Ba Men Da Xuan", which came from China to France with the Master WTX, his teacher. This tradition has a precise lineage going back to the year 510 in Kunlun.


He teaches and practices the five arts of his Taoist school:


- The cultivation of the Human Qualities (body-mind-breath)

- The knowledge of the Changes of the World (Yi Jing)

- The Science of Destiny (Bazi, Ziwei Du Shou)

- Taoist Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine

- The Art of the Forms (Feng Shui and Morphopsychology)


He has received the title of "Tianshi" since 1998 in three schools:


- Huashan Lingbao Pai: Founded in 989,

- Quanzhen Longmen: Founded in 1148,

- Guikang Pai: Esoteric Movement founded in 888.